Big List of Savage Worlds Fan Creation Reviews!

This page aims to collect reviews of the Savage Worlds Fan license creations. There is a ton of great authors, writing great and free conversions and supplements for Savage Worlds. Many of those creations are as good as professional products and expand the system in some interesting ways. Either by being able to play in your favorite setting or by including interesting mechanical options. All are worth checking out as a lot of time and passion has gone into them. With this page I want to shine some light on those, often overlooked, projects. Check out the Open Letter to Savage Worlds Bloggers if you want to have your review added (or want me to review your project).


  • Savage Abilities - an extensive and detailed guide to creating new Edges, Hindrances, Powers and Templates for Savage Worlds. Very professional finish.
  • Savage Daddy's Heist Companion 1.0 - Character options and extra mechanical layer for running heists.
  • Savage Dead Space (ver 0.1) - an unfinished conversion of the Dead Space video games. Cool tactical options for monsters and guns.
  • Savage Eberron - a very detailed (if somehow stark) conversion of the Eberron D&D setting. 


Check out the blogs and authors who review Savage Worlds fan products:

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