Wild OSR Superstar appears!

Couple weeks ago, I have submitted an entry to Tenkar's Tavern "So, You want to be an OSR Superstar" contest... and to my great surprise I have advanced to the next level with my magic item - Umarlak.

I am not an hardcore OSR gamer by any extent. I own quite a few OSR products, but I am yet to run, or even play a campaign with one of retroclones or the good old school dnd. I borrow heavily from OSR into my campaigns though. Sandboxing based on improv is my go-to GM style at the moment. I am in the midst into translating good, old hexcrawl into Savage Worlds. I think that the OSR movement is great and all gamers can benefit from it. And, I think that OSR is much more than a sum of old school dnd and its retroclones.

What I am trying to say, (apart from bragging about the win, of course) is that you should check out the OSR movement. Doesn't matter if you play dnd, Savage Worlds, Fate or anything else. This play style has a lot to offer, and is much more narrative and free flowing than you might think. Also, OSR is not some order of hermetic wizards that will banish you, if you ever approach them without a +2 retoclone of oldschoolity. Go and dig trough the OSR treasure trove, find what you like and use it in your games. I know, that's what I'm will be doing.

This was an OSR Public Service Announcment, sponsored by my ego.

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