R/andom Tables

You might know that I am a big fan of randomized content in my RPGs. I use things like magic cards for inspiration when I need to quickly come up with an adventure and random tables to aid my improvisation during the game.

There is a lot of great random tables online, either on blogs, forums or even in some fully fledged pdf supplements. The problem is, that they are scattered all over the interwebs and quite difficult to find. I usually bookmark my finds, but even that makes it somehow tricky to find what you need. Well, it's possible that I am really bad at organizing my bookmarks. Nevertheless, I thought it would be cool to have a comprehensive list of good random tables. The original idea was to go trough my bookmarks and make a list of random tables I enjoy and post it on this blog. Well, many have tried that, and those lists are as scattered around the web as the random tables itself. Instead of joining the legion of hard-to-find random table lists, I have decided to open a subreddit, so anyone can add and up/dowvote random tables. This way we can create a somehow central database of random tables and generators for our sessions. This is why, earlier today, I started the:


Come and check it out, even if you are not registered on reddit. You can access all the tables without registering. And, if you are a reddit user, join us and post more cool random stuff. This way others can use it in their games. In the coming days, I will continue adding random tables from my bookmarks and probably start some discussions on how people are using them in their games. On the blog side, look out for more random tables related content.

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