Tools of a Tabletop Dungeon Delver

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Meanwhile... art!

The main reason why the blog is not getting as many updates in recent months was the fact that I outside of it I have to juggle work and school.

I study graphic design and try to dabble in illustration in my spare time. So, as a side project I decided to combine my passions for RPGs and illustration and created this RPG themed postcard sized art thingy.

I have chosen a D&D-esque theme, because no matter what we play, D&D is still the iconic RPG out there that even people from outside the hobby heard about.

I am toying with the idea of making more. The idea is to make a piece like that for each of the classic fantasy classes, but this time they would have actual "tools" (so warrior would have a sword and shield on his card, wizard would have a staff and spell book, etc.) as well as their classic hit die. Those could be turned into functional character sheets (on the back) or incorporated into something like Dungeon World playbooks. As for now, they only function as art pieces...

Maybe instead of classes I should focus on making some for different systems? Anyway, I am curious what you think about it? Do you like it? What would you change?

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