Not quite dead...

Let's face it, this blog was basically dead for quite a while. Real life got in the way of not only blogging, but gaming and general. The later only made the blogging matters worse, as I had less and less "material" I could blog about. This post is me saying that the blog will rise again...

As any "bring back to life" media has taught us, even that the freshly risen body looks the same, it is not the same being as it used to. In the recent months my gaming habits changed. I moved away from Savage Worlds, and more into other types gaming: boardgames, less traditional RPGs and indie video games. This last topic culminated into me delving into video game development, which I document on another blog: Level 0 Game Developer. If you are interested in making video games, especially from a standpoint of someone who has next to no programming experience, you should check it out.

What it means for this blog? First and foremost, once I revive it, I will focus on the games I am actually currently playing. It doesn't mean that the blog will change into video game or boardgaming blog, but there will be posts about those, as well as RPGs (looking back, this is the same idea I had when I started this blog, so who knows how that will go?). Secondly, I am not abandoning Savage Worlds. It is a game that I still enjoy, and its community is one of the best I had a pleasure of ever being a part of, but because I am currently not playing it, there will be less material for it. In its place, I will write about other roleplaying games (especially small, indie and PbtA games) as well as system agnostic content... and who knows, I might actually finish some of my unfinished projects that are laying dormant in my notebooks and on my hard drive. Not having to worry about catering to a single system is a bit of a relief to be honest.

If you were a reader of this blog in the past, I hope you will find the new content worthy of your time. Sadly, it will be months before my life will allow me to get back to tabletop gaming. In the meantime, feel free to check out my other endeavor and tell me what you think.

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