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You are probably familiar with the game of Chinese Whispers. You probably played is as a kid. You probably even found it funny back then. But as the years have passed, you enjoyed it less and less. And just like other kid games, you stopped playing, because it wasn't fun anymore...
What, If I told you, that there is a much better/funnier game with a similar mechanic, but uses drawing and writing instead of whispers? This game is full of pop-culture and geeky references,  memes, and other internet culture.
What if I told You that can play it for free right now?

Let me introduce you to Drawception!

What is it?

I couldn't sum up the game better than the game's creator did. Drawception is "A free web game that combines drawing with the classic "Telephone Game". As a phrase is drawn and described by players it changes in unexpected ways. Miscommunication and hilarity ensues!"
When you choose to play, you are given either a prompt with a phrase to draw, or a picture to describe. Your input is a part of a larger chain (usually 12 panels - 6 drawings and 6 descriptions). You can choose to skip this prompt, and you are given a new one. You can skip as much as you want (most players do) until you find a prompt you like. Then, you have 10 minutes (60sec in a Blitz Game), to either draw or describe. Once you are done with your creation, you submit it and wait for the game to finish.
Games usually take a day or so to finish, but you can play more than one game at a time (8 at the start, 32 when you level up). Once a game is finished, you can see all of the panels, and how the original prompt got twisted during the course of the game - you laugh, "thumb up" your favorite panels (those thumb-ups are the experience points of the game) and play again.

That's it?

Well, yeah - that's all the rules for the game, but you are not playing here for rules. Just like RPGs or Story Games, rules are only a siphon for the experience you will have.
Drawception has a great strange community of players - some are amazing artists, some are amazingly funny - but all of them have one in common: they love geek and pop-culture references! If you enjoy the "internet culture" you will be right at home here. Puns, Memes, Sublimal  Batmans - they are all here, in a weird social experiment of a game. You might need to play a bit to get into the really good games. You get access to vet(eran) games at level 20 - and vet games are where all the cool kids hang out! But even starting up you will have fun and have a laugh. You don't need to be an amazing artist to play. Sure - the great artists are getting a lot of exp for their work, but so many games take a left turn because someone thought your drawing of a turtle was a cabbage.

I started playing Drawception in 2012. Every time I thought I was done with the game, I found myself coming back to it every now and then. For me it is a mark of a great game!
On top of that, I think my drawing skills improved quite a bit thanks to drawception. Win - Win!

If any of this sound interesting - head down to and start playing! And while you are there, check out my gallery of games.

And if you want to play this game with your friends in the mythical offline world - check out Eat Poop You Cat or one of its commercial kin like Telestrations or Cranium scribblish.

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