[Idea Time] Educational Adventure Game? Mathematical!

This is just an idea I have for a game. I might, or might not work on it more. I am pouring it on "paper", so I can focus on other projects.

ELEVATOR PITCH: Adventure Time inspired dungeoncrawl-style RPG, where you resolve tasks using mathematical formulas. Aimed at kids learning the times-tables, and making the memorization and using math more fun. Released either as a normal book-style RPG, or as deck(s) of cards with cartoony artwork.

This idea hit me while binge watching Adventure Time (c'mon grab your friends). I heard "Mathematical!" for the Nᵗʰ time and something clicked. Mathematical basically means "Cool" or "Awesome" in the "very distant lands" of Adventure Time. So, in that world, something happened that made math cool? Hmmm... 

This is when my brain got aboard the Thought Train: What did happen to make math cool? How can you make math cool? Using it in a game! But almost every game out there is using simple math... Maybe addition and subtraction isn't enough to make math cool? But how can you make multiplication and division fun? Won't it be too cumbersome?

This is where the train hit a wall.

The answer came to me when I stumbled upon a small board game by the name of Secret Code 13+4.
Secret code basically makes you roll some dice to get numbers. Your task is to use the rolled numbers and any of the four basic mathematical operators (+, -, *, and /) to achieve a target number represented on a randomly drawn card (e.g rolling 1,3,5 and 5 and trying to achieve 24 - you can use 5*5-1). This is a simple enough system, and makes the gameplay somehow puzzle-like.
This, combined with a teamwork mechanic and some simple narrative rules can make a half-decent RPG or Adventure Board Game.

Obstacles (like traps, enemies, etc.) would have target numbers ranging from 1 to 100. Possibly lower numbers for easier tasks.
Players would roll D10s (I think up to 4 or 5 per player) to try to overcome the obstacle using the mathematical operators. To make it more thematic and gamey I would include location/dungeon cards that would modify target number, combos between obstacles (goblin chieftain adds +3 to all other goblins on the table) etc. There would need to be a system for loosing HP (as it would be a kids game I would name it courage or determination) and gaining gold(?). Each player would have a times tables cheat sheet and a special power that they could use to get rid of particular obstacle type easier.

Some random concepts:
  • Teamwork encouraged
  • No player elimination (loosing a turn at most)
  • Adventure Time inspired artwork (or at least cartoony)
  • D10 generate numbers from 1 to 10 - the scale of basic times tables
  • Character Powers (lateral thinking?)
  • Could be played with or without a GM

Basically it would be a times tables educational game disguised as an adventure game. As a kid, I remember hating to memorize the times tables and I would appreciate having a game like that. I think putting obstacles on cards with some cool artwork would make the game more appealing to kids and just easier to manage. 
While aimed at kids, the game would have enough depth and theme to appeal to adults looking for a light puzzle game and would not be boring while playing with kids.

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