The state of things...

Just a quick update on the state of things related to this blog, before we continue with the irregularly scheduled content:

Heist Aces - The game is in a slow process of being updated to version 2.0 (because "2.0" will go with the near future theme nicely). I have gathered a lot of feedback, especially that the game, as is now - in pocketmod, wasn't very clear. Because of creative surges it was put on a back burner - but the project is far from abandoned.
Savage Witcher - I have plenty of notes and even some graphics from a great artist for this one, but somewhere along the lines I (yet, again) lost motivation to finish it. I still want to make it, but it is now far from the top of the pipeline - maybe replaying the Witcher video games will help... we will see. And speaking of video games...
Video Games - The blog will feature some video games. Especially small, indie games with great mechanics. Sometimes it will be a review-like article, sometimes I will look into its interesting mechanics and see how they can be transplanted from the digital world into RPGs or Boardgames. Hopefully you'll enjoy it.
Board Games - As with video games, board games will show up more on this blog. Especially because I am in the process of making some (more info soon). Expect musings on mechanics, themes and general design in card and board games.
RPGs - roleplaying games will continue to be a feature of this blog. I expect an eclectic mix of Savage Worlds, OSR and story games... maybe FATE? We will see. What I am trying to say, that if you where coming here for RPG, you will get your fix ;). Apart from Heist Aces and Savage Witcher I have few RPG related projects in the pipeline - I will will happily share my design process here. Which takes us to...
Twitter - I revived my long-forgotten twitter account, and pasted it shamelessly on the right. I will use it to give quick updates on my design progress and share some interesting, game related, things that are not big enough for a whole blog post. If you are interested in any of that - follow me and we can be best buds!

There you have it. An update on how the blog will change and what is happening with my designs. Hopefully, you'll like the changes. Leave me a comment to what you would like to see here in the future, or just say hi. 

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