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Randomday is a random table "feature" of this blog that will take place on a random day at least once a week. It even has a tag and everything - so you know it is official and professional. Randomday is a place for system agnostic tables for role-playing games spanning across different genres... but will probably start with generic fantasy.

While OSR in it's nature, I believe that even non OSR games can benefit from some fine narrative randomizer (as written here). I will try to create each random table based on a question that can show up during play, and make results interesting enough that they'll spawn at least an interesting scene. I am using tables like that to add some fluff and detail to my games, but feel free to use them as you wish.

The rules are simple. You have a detail that needs filling, either for a pre-planned scenario, or something that came up on the spot. You get a random table that has a question/topic that you need, you check the die/dice needed for it, roll them and you get your detail! ...or you can just choose whatever you fancy. The rule of thumb is, that high results are good for the players and low are bad.
BUT WAIT! That's not all! You can use the tables as inspiration for your games, maybe scene/adventure seeds, maybe idea for a magic item, or an NPC? Use it in any game you want, as the tables are supposed to be a narrative and system-agnostic fuel.

I decided to create Randomday for many reasons; because I feel random tables (when used correctly) create great RPG experiences, because I appreciate your readership and something like random tables is a quick way for me to give something to you that you can use during your games, and because I want to keep myself motivated to post more often. I have few big('ish) projects going on now and it would take weeks, if not months, before I can deliver something worth sharing... so in the meantime, I will make myself create some random fluff for RPGs, hopefully you'll find Randomday tables as much fun to read and use, as I have them to read.

I like it! What should I do?
Feedback is always a great reward, comments make me happy and motivated, but if you would like to help, drop a comment with a topic idea for a random table - the more eclectic collection of random tables we will have, the better; I am also planning on periodically releasing a free Randomday pdf, collecting those tables - so you will be able to see your name/nickname in a electronic booklet that will probably reach tens, if not dozens, of readers!

So check-in on a random day each week, for some random fun!

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