What are those bandits doing? [D10]

Bandits have lives too, they don't just wait around to attack everybody they encounter. 
Roll D10 to see what are they doing as you notice them:

What are those bandits doing? [D10]
1 Sleeping? Nope – it is an elaborate ambush!
2 Looking angrily back at you, their weapons drawn.
3 Guarding the camp and waiting for rest of the band to come back.
4 Preparing an ambush you up ahead, there is still time to back away.
5 Just a off day at the camp – talking, resting, washing clothes.
6 Unloading some heavy loot from a stolen cart.
7 Getting ready to leave the camp, leaving only few sentries behind.
8 Drinking heavily from barrels full of wine and dancing half-naked.
9 Treat their wounded after a recent robbery.
10 Fighting among each other for loot from a recent robbery.

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