Where does the blood trail lead to? [2D6]

Doesn't matter if it's in the wilderness, city or some gods forgotten dungeon - it is easy to miss a small blood trail. But, when you found one, you know that it leads to something interesting.

Where does the blood trail lead to? [2D6]
2 A ferocious monster finishing eating it's last victim. It's still hungry!
3 Straight into bandit ambush. They clearly outnumber you.
4 A blood covered obelisk, it's starts to siphon your blood as you get closer.
5 A harmless looking woman covered in fresh eldritch scars. She's got a knife.
6 An Unconscious messenger with a crude arrow in his knee. His bag is gone.
7 Dead peasants, they where clearly attacked by some kind of animal.
8 A strange creature, not native to this land; died here of a poisoned arrow.
9 A family is hiding here, they rush you to get down and stay quiet.
10 A blood stained magic tome on the ground. The trail ends here.
11 A dying adventurer – his plan to slay [wandering monster] has gone south.
12 A wounded nobleman. He will do anything in exchange for your help!

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