What's in this bog? [D12]

Swamplands and bogs, while seemingly full of life, with all it's frogs, snakes and mosquitoes, don't have much to offer for an adventuring party apart from the wet, sticky and smelly obstacle of the swamp itself. But this time, the party stumbled upon something.

What's in this bog? [D12]
1A magical abomination covers the whole bog bed, it's tentacles look like vines.
2A group of partially submerged swampfolk preying on unsuspecting travelers.
3A creature, covered in decomposing bandages, releasing spores everywhere.
4Nothing apart from the really bad smell that makes you gag (disease?)
5A cyst covered bog witch collecting ingredients for her potions.
6Nutritious looking mushroom covering every tree, some have bite marks.
7An altar to some long forgotten gods, swarming with fireflies and mosquitos.
8A boat-sized hollow log filled with green-glowing frog egg-like things.
9A body of a trapper, covered in maggots, his equipment mostly intact.
10An abandoned rowboat in decent shape. With a lantern still lit sitting in it?
11A hermit. He can aid the party, if they promise that to leave him alone.
12Sealed barrels with rusted chains, they must have been anchored here.

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